When a previous customer returns with a new project, we at European Kitchen Center are ecstatic. Whether it’s a kitchen remodel in a recently purchased house or apartment, a family member moving out, or just time for an update, it’s a huge recommendation for our company.

This was the situation with a client who came in last year with the intention of remodeling a kitchen in his new home. Even though the existing kitchen was in reasonable condition, it was old, inefficient, and disorganized.

We began with relocating important cooking stations in order to create a more logical, ergonomically sound flow. We also added a sit-in breakfast island to the kitchen after removing cumbersome storage. Using old footprints, we were able to build a modern kitchen with clearly defined cooking sections that were still in harmony.


As a result, this contemporary kitchen is ideal for many cooks and entertaining. The cabinetry was finished in a gorgeous dark wood veneer with painted glass and topped with a quartz countertop. We also improved functionality by including high-end appliances, a variety of modern kitchen systems and organizers, and appropriate task lighting.

When completing such a monumental effort as a kitchen remodel, we at European Kitchen Center strive to create a great experience for all of our clients. We’re here to assist you.