Our Recent Kitchen Projects

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York

This modern kitchen is the center of a recently completed condominium in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It is executed in matte lacquer and houses multiple integrated high-end appliances, two sinks, and ample storage. A butler’s pantry is enclosed by two by-fold sets of doors in light oak wood.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York

This spacious transitional-style kitchen features a custom-made door and a modern design.  It houses many high-end integrated appliances. 

Upper West Side, NYC

This modern kitchen is the center of a recently updated townhouse on the Upper West Side. Executed in matte lacquer, it houses multiple integrated high-end appliances, two sinks, and ample storage. A glass display cabinet with a walnut back and integrated lighting adds a colorful touch. 

Hewlett, Long Island, New York

A modern kitchen is executed in thermo-treated eucalyptus veneer and off-white lacquer. This project entailed a complete reconfiguration of the kitchen space. We separated the cooktop from the sink to provide ample counter space for cooking, prepping, and storage. We substituted the demolished pantry with tall units for integrated appliances and storage. Some open shelving provided lightness to otherwise closed spaces.

Dix Hills, Long Island

A modern kitchen executed in satin-finish lacquer features an extensive island, integrated appliances, 

East Meadow, Long Island, New York

A modern kitchen is executed in walnut veneer and white lacquer. The secret passage door leads to a large bulk storage pantry.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

A kitchen with Japanese and Scandinavian influences emphasizes comfort, sustainability, natural materials, and simplicity. Natural oak floors and tall units combined with natural white cabinetry and covered by magnificent quartzite. 

Mill Basin, Brooklyn, New York

Modern materials are used in a transitional-style kitchen, which emphasizes functionality and the latest in technology.

Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY

We installed this kitchen in one of the brownstones in the Fort Greene part of Brooklyn. We designed cabinetry to fit into restrains of the apartment while maximizing the storage. 

Melville, New York

Delays and long lead times have become the norm. We at European Kitchen Center adapt our operations to meet changing needs. When we had the cabinetry and all other items in our possession, the demolition began—quick installation, a happy client, and a beautiful kitchen. It features the most up-to-date contemporary design, handle-less cabinetry, and the latest kitchen appliances.

Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, New York

I really enjoyed working on the design of this contemporary kitchen. A few features of this magnificent kitchen include a special flat-panel door, integrated and paneled high-end appliances, quartz worktops, and lacquered and wood veneer finishes. This kitchen, which has a lot of exquisite elements, a handle-less design, and plenty of contemporary storage, is now one of my favorite projects.

Closet project Tribeca, NYC

This project involved installing wardrobes in a few different locations throughout the apartment. Each space called for an individual approach and presented unique challenges. An extensive hallway closet had to provide ample storage for shoes and closing and hosting an AV unit, hidden circuit breaker, and some access to communications panels. The smaller closet needed access to AC units. The walk-in closet needed some particular storage solutions.

Melville, New York

A combination of transitional kitchen cabinetry and modern materials, elements, and technology. The flat panels in wood veneer are combined with the lacquered recessed panel, as well as accents such as silk printed smoked glass, solid black handles, an open base, and display cabinets. LED lighting highlights the modern engineered quartz countertop and backsplash. The most recent advancements in high-end appliances are seamlessly integrated into a mix of styles and materials.

Boerum Hill. Brooklyn, NY

The before and after photos show a complete kitchen transformation.

Scroll to see “before” pictures. 

Central Park South, NYC

This is a transitional kitchen that incorporates many design features of a modern kitchen. The handle-less design integrates seamlessly into a transitional style. Modern island cabinetry blends well with transitional cabinetry.
A large pantry with reentering doors provides organized space for small appliances and keeps counters uncluttered.

Queens, New York

The large kitchen features handle-less European style cabinetry, numerous mechanisms, gadgets, cutlery and drawer organizers.
The materials chosen are medium wood veneer and white glossy lacquer topped with quartz countertop.