Can’t decide on the new finish for your kitchen remodel? Take a look at these new trends. New metal effect lacquer finish coordinated with the natural beauty of the wood grain create an inviting and warm environment. Rose and bronze colored accents, clear and smoke glass cabinetry with a modern twist, lava like surfaces are just few novelties in the evolution of kitchen design.

Metal effect lacquer

Introducing “ANTIS FUSION”
The Fusion is an exclusive metal effect lacquered finish achieved by six manual operations, designed to exalt the design of Antis and the natural beauty of the wood used. The result is a unique surface with multi-coloured effects that create a wow factor. Fusion comes with copper, oxidized or plumb lacquered finish. Glossy and matt lacquered finishes come in the trendy colours of antique rose and bronze.

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Clear glass cabinetry is back in style

Clear and smoke glass enclosed by elegant aluminum frame cabinetry showcase your prized possessions. When everything is in its place, every place is more attractive.

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Malta effect


Presenting Lain kitchen furniture in Imprimé resulted from research into innovative materials to satisfy those looking for unique kitchen décor at the right price, without compromising on good looks and quality. This material introduces new parameters of attractiveness and strength in a perfect malta effect available in a choice of three colours: silk, rock and smoke. Additional colours for ecolaccati are antique rose and bronze and cashmere for techno melamine.

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