The CUT – Eterea 

We are excited to share that European Kitchen Center is introducing a brand new kitchen line from our esteemed partner, The CUT. The Eterea kitchen by CUT surpasses all design expectations, offering a truly exceptional experience.


The Eterea kitchen by The CUT seamlessly blends stone, wood, and metal. The vertical walls are adorned with soft beams of light that beautifully capture the timeless beauty of the minimalist design. Anchoring this unique space is a round island table that captures attention and emanates a serene atmosphere.

The Eterea kitchen is equipped with numerous distinctive elements.


Vertical plane system


The Eterea presents an exclusive wall-mounted or double-sided bookcase with floor and ceiling fastening, which can also be placed onto the countertop. The integrated lighting creates light tricks and magical atmospheres.

Columns with recessed doors


Columns with recessed doors

The Eterea features a retractable door system with lateral return.

A refined solution that guarantees high practicality and minimal space, enhancing the open shelves’ dynamism and modularity’s versatility.

Swivel table


The Eterea has an island that features a swivel table with an integrated double-rotation mechanism—functionality and elegance for your moments of informal conviviality.


Step into our showroom at European Kitchen Center and let us guide you through the various kitchen design options available, including the stunning Eterea. We look forward to discussing your vision with you.