17 Ninja Foodi Accessories You Need in Your Kitchen

Parade Magazine

November 18, 2022

Ninja Foodies

Kitchen gadgets, such as pressure cookers, slow cookers and air fryers, can seriously raise your cooking game. However, if you own any of them, you know they can take up a whole lot of space in your kitchen. Since we like our kitchen counters to appear Insta-worthy, we are always searching for one appliance that does it all. The Ninja Foodi is an option. It’s a multi-use device that can take the place of a lot of bulky kitchen tools.

It turns out there are even quite a few accessories you can use with a Ninja Foodi to make cooking even more of a breeze. We’re talking about everything from egg molds to non-stick pans to vegetable steamer baskets and beyond. The list of Ninja Foodi accessories, quite frankly, is endless, so we chatted with food pros to get their advice on which ones are really worth your money. 

Keep reading to learn more about the Ninja Foodi (as if you didn’t already decide you needed one!), what types of accessories you can use with it and what you should absolutely avoid placing inside it. We also rounded up the best Ninja accessories you can get your hands on right now.