A modern kitchen with a bold, unconventional character, design, colors, materials, and functions are given a unique twist. The SEI kitchen has no aesthetic compromises and is appreciated by all those who value design. Marc Sadler skilfully combines materials and colors, mixing wood, marble, steel, and laminate for a single goal: to create a colorful kitchen, with many beautiful finishes and a new look also on the inside, with a touch of color. SEI is an original concept in quality interior design, combining functional and rational solutions with a striking horizontal extension, all thanks to the know-how and expertise of Euromobil. The SEI catalog, with its innovative format, graphics, and photographic images, and a style that highlights original and unconventional design layouts, offers a cultured path and wisdom based on the Venetian architecture of Carlo Scarpa, meeting the needs of the modern and contemporary kitchen. SEI is the focus of distinctive images expressed in theatrical spaces featuring bold shafts of light.