Biefbi Miami

Designed entirely with a typical car design approach, the MIAMI kitchen is born from the idea of re-designing the styles that have confirmed the success of the brand Bertone, retracing its history and values through a path that passes from the myth comes straight to the future and new technologies. Design and usability combine perfectly in this project, where the right balance between refined aesthetic choices and ergonomics gives rise to creative solutions that do not overlook the functional aspects, for a day-to-day experience of accessibility and practicality.
Featuring shapes and sinuous lines that fit harmoniously into straight lines, MIAMI offers a contemporary design with some vintage touches, emphasized by the use of sophisticated materials such as the Peltrox® used for the worktop and the under-wall panel. This innovative steel combines the unsurpassed features of the AISI 304 antioxidant to the heat, finishing, and tradition of the pewter. The chromatic range is full of hands from the Bertone brand heritage, putting the color of the new concept in the car that has marked the history of automotive design, orange, very expensive at Bertone and used, among other things, for the legendary Lamborghini Miura.